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Marketing vs. Remarketing: cuál es la diferencia

May 12, 2021

Advertising has been transformed a long time ago, today we find disclosure at all times and by any means. Users consume more content than usual and this is possible thanks to the different marketing tools that exist.

Some of the most used are: Marketing and Remarketing, here we will tell you about them.


It has multiple definitions, however, its main objective is to create proposals that help make your company, brand, product or service visible. It serves as a disclosure mechanism and a tool to project a positive identity of your business.

Various types of marketing are handled in the market, each one has a specific quality and focus:

-Direct marketing, seeks to have a natural communication with the public of your company.

-indirect marketing, its objective is to increase the identity of your brand, its authority and relevance in the market.

-Digital marketing, Use the various media on the Internet to promote everything related to your company.

-content marketing, is linked to telling corporate stories that inspire, motivate or produce some feeling or emotion in your potential clients, that is, it captures the public through its narrative, be it textual, graphic or a combination of both.

-personal marketing, works with people, enhancing their skills and competencies.

-relationship marketing, seeks to create and maintain a good connection between the target audience and the brand.


If you think that the ads for topics or pages you have researched appear by chance, you are wrong, they are presented due to remarketing. It turns out that this advertising technique seeks to recapture people who have visited a website, that is, "cybernetically persecutes" them, through different programs and digital platforms.

Next, we present the most used:

-Google Adwords.

-Facebook Ads.

- Twitter Ads.

A curious fact on this subject is that "digital media is expected to generate 51% or more than $240 billion dollars, with respect to all the advertising money spent worldwide" (Source: www.websitehostingrating.com).

Now remember that:

+ Marketing strategically designs options to advertise your business. On the other hand, remarketing seeks to attract users who showed some initial interest in your company, so that they are buyers.

+ The objective of remarketing is the sale of products or services, unlike marketing, which also wants users to know the company and generates good communication with consumers.

+ The prices of these services are variable, since there are many marketing agencies and the cost of positioning or helping your business grow are diverse, as are the strategies. In addition, in remarketing, you pay for each click on your ad. 

+ The two marketing tools use digital platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others.

You do not need to have a website created to implement a marketing strategy in your company, but you do need to have a website to manage remarketing in your company.

As you have noticed, each one works differently, however, you can use both to create a better bond with your customers, attract new users and keep the number of visits to your website or social networks stable.

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