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¿Qué es SEO y cómo posicionarse en GOOGLE en los primeros lugares?

January 16, 2021

Google is one of the main elements to keep in mind when developing a digital strategy for your organization, since it increases your chances of getting new customers.

And it is that when a person wants to search for something, they use this search engine. Therefore, the importance of appearing in the main positions of these results and the way to achieve it is through SEO, or in other words, organic optimization.

Beginning lesson

So, let's talk about the aspects to keep in mind.

First, Google gives more importance to a website than to a social network, although they are key in your digital marketing strategy, they are created for free, which generates mistrust among consumers, hence the importance that when a person visits your Facebook, Instagram or linkedin you can direct him to your website to give greater security to the client, remember more confidence equals sales.

On the other hand, you must be careful with the way in which the website is developed, an organized code and respecting the web labels are highly valued, that is why the use of templates or web construction tools do not achieve the best results.

If you don't have a website yet, contact us.

Second, your online platform has to be optimized for Google, and here it is important to understand its structure and the content to include. The text is essential, remember that search engines read and interpret the information you share, so you have to define the keywords (keyword) with which you want to appear and how to include them on your site, since it is necessary that they be look natural with your organization.

The images are essential, apart from the fact that the user who enters your site can be captivated, Google also checks if it has the correct tags and the correct size. Remember the content you write must be original and the images respect copyright.

If this seems a bit complicated for you, don't worry, when you purchase your website with us, we will take care of all this at no additional cost.

Third, constantly generate content, as we indicate, Google reviews what you write to be able to know what your business is about and thus show it to the users who make the queries. But be careful, generate links (engagement) with your users, this will allow them to identify with your brand and continue purchasing products with you.

If writing is not your thing or you don't have time for it, our professionals will be able to generate writings of the highest quality taking into account your users or potential clients and of course Google.

Fourth, external links strategy (backlinks), it turns out that Google analyzes the credibility of your site, so if other portals redirect to yours, of course, the more important the website that talks about you, the more chances you will have to appear in the first places. To verify the importance of the site that promotes you, first check that the domain authority is higher than yours, but be careful, putting a link without context does not generate greater relevance for your online platform.

For this reason, when you acquire your website we will give you an advertorial in the digital magazine PrimerNombre.com, through a letter related to your products or services we will mention your company and we will put a link that redirects to your website. Of course the more you have the better, ask about our advertorial service.

Finally, track visits to your site so you can see that it's working for you. If you still have concerns, do not hesitate to contact us and our experts will gladly clarify them for you.

If you are interested in our services:

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