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Websites from scratch with WordPress and Oxygen Builder: everything you need to know

September 28, 2022

Have you noticed that many websites are almost similar? Also, as if that were not enough, over time they lose functionality and become slow, the answer to this problem is the templates. That's right, and I'll explain it to you below.

Templates were a trend at the time, their default designs saved work and could be used by anyone who didn't know how to program and had the layout, but they also brought “junk code” and system bugs with them.

Therefore, when loading all those unnecessary resources, the pages had speed problems, additionally some technologies were not updated, bringing security risks, stopping various operating processes and positioning problems.

The solution? The calls builders, some more advanced than others, starting with those that allow you to modify the preset templates to those that let you structure the entire web completely from scratch, and one of the best in this category is OxygenBuilder.

Everything your website should have

When you decide to be part of the web, you venture into a world of design, tools and plugins that will help you boost your business; reaching users from anywhere on the planet. However, to achieve this goal you must have a site that represents your company.

When browsing the internet, you mainly seek to solve a need, such as: knowing where a restaurant is; what is the menu, what products a store has available, services offered or know the closing hours of a place of interest, among others. In the digital age, the speed of information is the key.

For this reason, when you think about creating your website, follow our recommendations:

  • The information provided must be clear and organized for users. This will help them not waste time searching multiple pages for exactly what they need.
  • The location of images, videos, texts or action buttons must be strategically located. Thus the reading of the site will be more dynamic.
  • The color palette that you will use must match the identity of the brand and the logo of the company.
  • The call to action button motivates the potential client to subscribe to receive information of interest and keep in touch, so that you manage the users who enter the platform.
  • Your website must have good security, that is, transmit to your potential customers that their personal information will not be violated. In the case of a virtual store, this measure will allow you to obtain more sales.

Now, to design a website in WordPress, the most popular content manager, it is best not to use pre-designed templates but to use the Oxygen builder to customize your platform.

In our agency Your Digital Name, the first thing we do is the design in Figma according to the brand identity, structure, information and taste of the client. Later, after approval, it is programmed from scratch with Oxygen Builder.

What is Oxygen Builder?

As we said before, this tool allows you to create custom WordPress 100% websites, without the need for a predefined theme, thus having much greater control over the design.

It is installed through a plugin that represents the purchased premium license and you need code knowledge to be able to work with it to suit you.

The main elements are: sections, where the content of the design sections is added; columns, vertical content organizer and divs, which are the containers to add the widgets that are structured with CSS.

Advantages of using Oxygen

  • You will take your creativity to another level, as Oxygen will allow you to create the desired design.
  • You will generate a clean code, achieving optimal performance and loading speed. Even preventing customers from leaving your website because it is slow.
  • The layout is in your favor, with Oxygen you can create the header; footer; subpages, blogs; 404 error pages, among other options and everything in a personalized 100% way without limiting you, but with your own design. Just let your imagination flow.
  • If you have a dessert company or any other product or service that users pay for online, with Oxygen create your digital business by setting up an e-commerce store. This tool is compatible with WooCommerce.
  • You have the possibility to add PHP code and take your web design to a more advanced level.
  • To save design time, Oxygen has the option of global settings, which means that you can choose the colors or fonts that you will use throughout the design and save them. For example, you can choose that all the titles are green and the texts go in size 12 Arial.
  • If you make a mistake, just click CONTROL + Z.
  • You can use the always necessary CONTROL + C and CONTROL + V.

There are many reasons why using Oxygen Builder to create your website is the best option on the world market. Just create the design and through this tool you can get to work and represent your company in its entirety virtually.

If you are interested in us building your website with a personalized 100% design from scratch, or you want to learn how to use Oxygen Builder, we have website creation workshops especially for you, write to me at daicy.echeverri@primernombre.com or whatsapp + 57 317 36 72 990.


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