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For the first semester of 2021, according to Confecámaras, 166,338 companies were created in the country, of which 99,53% are considered micro-enterprises according to the value of their assets. Likewise, by the beginning of the year a total of 968,495 companies have renewed their commercial registration and 664,470 correspond to natural persons.

The figures mentioned above may suggest that for every 50 people in Colombia there is an organization. Broadly speaking, it is possible to conclude that it is a country full of entrepreneurs, however, the vast majority of these companies are made up of micro-establishments, which means that they have a maximum of 9 employees.  

Despite the fact that the companies are small, they are the ones that generate the most employment at the national level, contributing widely to the indicators of economic development and likewise, with state support and the generation of public policies, this sector is strengthened, which is a fundamental pillar in the improvement of the country. Now, with all this a question arises: 

How do they manage to stay in the market without having a large capital to buy large machines to achieve competitiveness?  

Many organizations will say that they are not competitive, but that it is a way to generate self-employment, since there is no work, a solution is to be an entrepreneur, which is an alternative way to remain financially stable. For example, we constantly see small businesses that after 20 years are still just as small and are often at risk of closing; Of course, a large number of companies close their doors and go bankrupt within the first few years of opening. 

However, thanks to the advancement of information and communication technologies (ICT); job specialization; global supplier offerings; The provision of personalized services or products and handmade processes have allowed micro-entrepreneurs to expand in the market space, guaranteeing sufficient monetary income for their durability. 

It is believed and argued that micro-establishments that have adopted ICT processes in their organizations will have a greater chance of success.

This assumption is supported for the following two reasons. First, investment in ICT, without being very demanding in capital, can lower costs, which allows companies to acquire levels of productivity necessary to face different markets. New software or small technological equipment is often enough to optimize production processes, increasing profit margins. 

Secondly, the appropriate use of information and communication technologies in market strategies can increase the income of companies. In 2020, more than 26 million Colombians connected to the internet, of which 80% of the digital audience accessed from their mobile devices and close to 60% used a computer; this indicates that the clients are always connected, only their device varies. 

For this reason, there is currently a tendency to have a website, in addition to positioning strategies, SEO, it is possible to increase the possibility of appearing in the searches of different consumers, and if advertising campaigns are included in the package, the reach to desired customers will be realized in less time.

So, if you consider that your company needs support or you want to grow in the digital world to be a more competitive organization in the market, do not hesitate to contact us. 


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